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  Waterstops - Hydrophilic    

Dual seal

Dual Seal is manufactured from Sodium Bentonite which swells up to 20 times its dry volume in contact with water to provide a totally watertight joint. It can be applied directly onto scabbled surfaces even in damp conditions prior to the next concrete pour. It requires no welding, adhesives or special junctions. Jointing and change of direction is simply achieved by overlapping by 50mm.


DSEAL Dual Seal (Standard) 8.00
DSEALW Dual Seal (saltwater grade) 8.00




Bentorub Hydroswelling Waterstop consists of bentonite clay and butyl rubber and is used for the sealing of construction joints in concrete. The system is ecological, user friendly and will remain permanently active within the joint for the expected life of the structure. As concrete cures, shrinkage will occur, with voids and small cracks appearing in the construction. When in contact with water Bentorub expands and will fill these voids or cracks thereby maintaining a watertight seal of the joint. Held in place by shot firing or with a bento-cage.

BRUB Bentorub 5 Mtr
BRUBC Bentorub Cage 1 Mtr


Swelltite Hydrophilic Waterstop is manufactured from a Neoprene Polymer based hydrophilic compound and high water absorbent resins. Swelltite has been specifically designed for use in sealing construction joints between pre-cast concrete units, steel and in-situ concrete. Unlike traditional waterstops, Swelltite is centrally placed and bonded flat in the joint prior to making the second pour. Activated by water, Swelltite will swell up to five times its volume and seals the passage of water by exerting pressure across the joint.

SWT 15 Mtr Roll
JP1 1 Ltr Primer


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