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Kik Anchor (with Thread Adjustment)

An ideal method for accurately siting formwork prior to forming a wall or upstand, thus replacing the need to form a full concrete kicker. The anchor is pushed into the fresh concrete along the approximate centre line of the wall to be concreted. Concrete end caps (cover 50mm) are used to cover the ends of the threaded rod. Each rod can be accurately adjusted against the line of formwork.





KA200 Kik Anchor 200
KA400 Kik Anchor 400
KAB150 Threaded Bar 150
KAB200 Threaded Bar 200
KACC Concrete End Cap
M16 M16 Bar



Kik Lok Anchor

A high-quality, robust alternative to the threaded bar kicker. Simple and easy to adjust with fingers. The anchor is pushed into the wet concrete or tied to the reinforcement. The spacer rod can then be easily adjusted by thumb and finger only.

Cutting service means we can provide Kik Lok anchors for any wall width from stock.

CODE BAR LENGTH (mm) includes end caps
KAF15 150
KAF17 175
KAF20 200
KAF25 250
KAF30 300


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