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Joint Sealants

Two Part Polysulphide Sealant

A high grade two part cold poured polysulphide sealant. Conforms to BS
4254. Supplied in a composite pack containing two separate components
which, when mixed together, cure to form an elastic rubber. The material is supplied in either pouring grade for horizontal applications, or pouring grade for vertical applications.




GP5P Pouring Grade 5.0
GP25G Gun Grade 2.5
JP1 Primer 1.0


Joint sealant (Pitch/Polyurethane)

A cold poured expansion joint sealant for roads and runways. Conforms to
BS 5212.

PJ 4.50
JP1 1.00 Primer
JP5 5.00 Primer

Polyurethane Sealant - One Part

A high movement elastomeric sealant supplied in 600cc foil containers ready for immediate use. It has been tested for use in contact with drinking water and has excellent adhesion properties when used in conjunction with Primer P.U. Should be used to seal expansion, contraction and construction joints in
concrete reservoirs, water treatment
works, pumping stations, sewage treatment works, canals and joints in
brick/block construction.


UF600 One Part 600cc
BG Barrel/Gun Each
TLC Tool Cleaner 2.5 ltrs
PUP Primer 1 ltr

Supplied in foil containers for use with a Barrel Gun. Available in black, grey or white. DWI approved


Hot Pour Sealant

A hot poured Rubber Bitumen Joint Sealant manufactured from a blend of special bitumens, crumb rubber, SBS polymers, mineral fillers and extenders. Specifically developed for use as a joint sealant in concrete and asphalt pavements.

N2 20kg

Foam Backer Rod

Foam Backer Rod is a closed-cell cylindrical polyethylene cord for use as a back-up material for joint sealants. It is easily compressible with high recoverability and the cell structure also ensures that the material is nonabsorbant.



(dia in mm)

PACK SIZE (mtrs/box)
SFBR10 10 1100
SFBR12 12 900
SFBR15 15 500
SFBR20 20 300
SFBR25 25 200
SFBR30 30 150
SFBR40 40 80
SFBR50 50 50



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