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Column Formwork

Disposable Columns

PVC round column formers, with a fair faced finish wrapped in a fibre tape. We supply disposable columns in sizes from 250mm right up to 1200mm in diameter.

Columns can be made to your specific requirements and delivered within a few days.

  • Columns are made to your specific requirements

  • Columns are light weight, therefore easy to handle and transport

  • Fair faced concrete finish
  • Supplied to site ready for instillation

  • No release agent necessary

  • Mould is easily removed
  • Economical

  • Easily disposed of

  • Typical availability of 24 hours


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Circular Column Formers
Diameter Length Diameter Length
250mm Up to 12m 600mm Up to 12m
300mm Up to 12m 650mm Up to 12m
350mm Up to 12m 700mm Up to 12m
400mm Up to 12m 750mm Up to 12m
450mm Up to 12m 900mm Up to 12m
500mm Up to 12m 1000mm Up to 12m
550mm Up to 12m    

Other sizes available on request.



Cardboard Disposable

An economical, single use spiral wound, cardboard column former. Manufactured to a high standard and complete with a PVC liner, to give a smooth finish to concrete surfaces. Supplied with a built-in rip cord for ease of stripping. Columns are made to order and can be supplied in any required height up to the maximum recommended. Used mainly for in-situ concrete pour application. Full brochure upon request.


CODE Internal Dia. mm Wall Thickness mm Weight/mtr kg Max recom. Height of Continuous Pour Metre
CF200 200 5.0 2.09 12
CF250 250 5.0 2.59 12
CF300 300 5.0 3.11 10
CD350 350 5.0 3.68 10
CF400 400 6.0 4.99 9
CF450 450 6.0 5.67 8
CF500 500 7.0 7.36 8
CF550 550 7.0 8.04 8
CF600 600 7.5 9.51 8
CF635 635 7.5 9.94 7


Plastic Disposable

A disposable single use, fully waterproof column shutter providing a smooth concrete finish. The column shutter can be manufactured in virtually any diameter from 200-1200mm. The columns can be stored openly on site without any detrimental effect.

PCF Plastic Column Shutter

Available 200mm - 1200mm diameter


Steel Re-usable

For re-use applications, column shutters can be manufactured to order from Steel. Supplied with propping points and grout check seals. Prices on

SCF Steel Column Shutter

Polystyrene Re-usable

Manufactured from high density polystyrene with a proplex liner to give a smooth finish. Can be re-used up to four times. Further information and prices on application

PCS Polystyrene Column Shutter


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