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Disposable Formwork for Ground Beams and Pile Caps

Polypropylene sheets provide contractors with a fast and effective means of forming ground beams and pile caps.

Sheets are light-weight and can be shaped by scoring and bending to form any ground beams on pile cap profile.

Easily handled – light and rigid

Generally requires less excavation than other formwork methods

Can be scored and bent, or cut to form any profile

Can be supplied ‘made-to-measure’, ready to install

Can be installed by unskilled labour

A sharp knife is the only tool required

Less concrete wastage

No striking – beam formwork is left in position

No conventional formwork to strip, clean and oil


SBFS45 Disposable Formwork 4.5m x 2.4m 8mm
SBFT Beam Form Tape 33mm roll
SKNIFE Cutting Knife each



1. Forming Beam Sides only

The foundation trench is excavated a little oversized and a suitable base is formed onto which the reinforcement is placed using track or concrete block spacers.

The beam formwork is cut into strips of the required size and is placed either side of the reinforcement with spacers fixed as shown to give the required concrete coverage. The sides can have a small bent return at the base to aid stability. Then, uniformly backfill to within about 50mm of the top of the beam form.

2. Using a Preformed U-Section

A U-section can easily be formed by scoring and bending the polypropylene sheet to the required dimensions. Erection is similar to Method 1 except the preformed U-section is placed in the excavated trench first, followed by the reinforcement. Spacers, depending upon the type used, can be fitted to either the beam formwork or the reinforcement as convenient.

To form a continuous beam, the ends of each section of the formwork can either be overlapped or butted together and taped using a PVC tape.

Note: Spacers for both sides and base should be at a maximum of 400mm c/c.

Beam formwork can be supplied as follows:
1. In 4.5 x 2.4 sheets, which can be cut or scored and bent on site by contractors

2. When using sides only Beamform can be cut into strips to the contractors dimensions and delivered to site ready for use

3. Formed into U-sections to suit site requirements and delivered ‘flat packed’.

Continuous plastic spacer is an ideal spacer for ground beam form work and is highly recommended.

Mesh Fix spacers are a good alternative.

Square bar spacers provide a sound support on the base of a ground beam. Recommended for heavy beam cages.

One of our sales engineers will be pleased to visit your site to determine your requirements and be on-hand to advise on installation.



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